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ReadyLarm is truly wireless mobile burglar alarm system. It suites best for flats, summer cottages, warehouses, … . It has inbuilt sensor which will send alarm to users predefined mobile phone numbers via text message. ReadyLarm includes following sensors:
  • Temperature: alarm can be sent from min and max temperature as wellas for temperature change
  • Movement: ReadyLarm has 5 sensitivity levels for the IR movement sensor. IR sensor will cover around 6 meter radius around the IR sensor.
  • Vibration alarm will alert incase someone moves the device. This is handy for example in the hotels, where you can leave ReadyLarm to protect your computer.

ReadyLarm has also SOS button for sending manual alarm and ReadyLarm will send notification if its internal battery runs low.

Using the device is easy.
1) Set SIM card in to the device
2) Make base settings with 1-3 sms messages
3) Turn on and off the alarms with simple “!aon” and “!aof” commands

Device has no ON/OFF button, so no third party can turn it off for safety reasons (for travel use device can be but on airplane mode for x period of time just like a phone), nor can you forget to turn it on.

With the last Traxmeet News Letter had a campaign code with what you can get ReadyLarm in special price of 299€ giving you AMAZING 100€ discount from normal price. This campaign is valid till end of October 2011. Product package includes:
  • ReadyLarm device
  • Manual
  • Charger

You can find more information on the product here.

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